Sambokojin Buffet

It's my friend's birthday today, and we decided to try a famous buffet in SM Megamall, called "Sambokojin". It was my first time trying this buffet. To prepare for today's lunch we didn't eat any breakfast. It was quite busy on a Wednesday afternoon, with a lot of other customers. The interior of the restaurant … Continue reading Sambokojin Buffet


Salcedo Saturday market

This weekend Saturday market in Makati has been going on for years (since 2005!), from 7 am to 2 pm. To be honest I'm not a morning person, and I usually stay at home so going out of my way to buy grocery items here, didn't really cross my mind before. But ever since my … Continue reading Salcedo Saturday market

Kozi Kozi Korean Bbq restaurant

(Newly opened Korean bbq restaurant in Polaris street, Makati) Just behind Makati Avenue at Polaris street, and near the small tricycle terminal, Kozi kozi Premium Korean bbq restaurant opened last October 20. Got curious in trying this new restaurant, since I walk pass here everyday from work. The interior is clean, simple, and modern. They … Continue reading Kozi Kozi Korean Bbq restaurant

Island spa, Makati

I've been wanting to visit a legit spa and get a full body massage. So last night I was browsing online, and I found a discounted rate at Metrodeal for Island Spa- 1 hour massage for only 499 php. Since it's been a while when I've last visited a spa, I decided to try it … Continue reading Island spa, Makati

Pinay Solo Travel

Solo travel? Talaga? Seryoso ka? Hindi ba malungkot? Bakit? (English translation- solo travel? Are you serious? Isn't it sad? Why?) I get these type of questions when i would attempt, or go on "solo-travel". No, it doesn't bother me, it's not sad, and I feel like life trained me well for this. ­čśä Growing up, … Continue reading Pinay Solo Travel

Tips for First Timers to Seoul

I just arrived from a 5-day vacation. What can I say, Seoul is huge! 5 days is not enough! Though with careful planning and strict adherence to your itinerary, 5 days may cover the majority of your Seoul travel goals. In this blog post I will talk about Visa/Passport Requirements,┬áPlane Tickets, Hotel, Pocket Wi-fi, Helpful … Continue reading Tips for First Timers to Seoul

Zarks Burger

Sept. 29, 2018 I was stuck at work, and since my out will be late (8 pm!), I decided to order food via Honest Bee Philippines. They currently have a promo of free delivery to a few restaurants, including Zark's Burgers. I tried this almost 2 years ago at Glorietta 4 Food choices, but was … Continue reading Zarks Burger