Alona Beach, Bohol


Alona Beach is a few minutes away (via car) from the resort where we stayed in, and is filled with different restaurants, resorts, and souvenir shops.

The sand here is white and fine, but this beach is not really ideal for swimming. There are too many boats!

A better option is for you to speak to one of the many tour guides there offering “island hopping” or you may hire a local with a motorcycle/tricycle driver to bring you to a swimmable beach (less than an hour away) called “Dumaluan Beach” in Bohol.

Now if you just feel like eating, Alona Beach is a perfect place to have dinner as there are lots of options, with reasonable prices (150 php – 450 php per person depending on what you order).


Lars and I came here via a free shuttle service from Veraneante Resort (click on left link to know more).

When we arrived, we walked around first to see all our options and check out the souvenir shops.

SAM_3500 SAM_3504

There is a small ice cream kiosk of Bohol Bee Farm selling home-made ice cream with unique flavors. We absolutely loved them! Some ice cream flavors include avocado, durian, buko, chocolate, ube, and malunggay. The first time we passed by, I tried the buko ice cream which was just okay. Lars tried the Durian and he loved it.

Ice cream by Bohol Bee Farm
Ice cream by Bohol Bee Farm

We went back on another day, and tried the chocolate and malunggay ice cream.  I loved them! Both are creamy, sweet (but not too sweet), fresh and delicious! You can’t go wrong with those 2 options. For only 40 php per scoop, one will surely go back for more 🙂

Enjoying the malunggay ice cream. Order of Lars and I loved it so much.

On our first night exploring Alona beach, we decided to eat at one of those restaurants along the beach where we had Fried fish, Shrimp sinigang (a Filipino dish- usually with pork, but can be altered to just shrimp. Similar to Tom Yum soup of Thai cuisine.) and rice.

Fried fish and shrimp sinigang
Fried fish and shrimp sinigang

Though simple, I enjoyed our first dinner that night- delicious fresh food, live band next door, and the calming sound of the sea… ^ ^ all worries and stress gone out of the window.

live band along Alona beach


For our 2nd dinner here in Alona Beach, we ate at The Buzzz Cafe, the 2nd branch of Bohol Bee Farm restaurant (the other branch is located in The Bee Farm Resort)

SAM_3649 You can buy freshly baked breads and muffins on the ground floor, as well as their famous organic honey. On the 2nd level is the restaurant with an option to eat inside an airconditioned area, or in a more natural setting with only ceiling fan.


We ordered their margheritta pizza which was pretty good, and some pasta (so-so). The menu had a number of salad options and other unique dishes to try. 😉  I want to go back to try the other dishes.


Other photos from Alona beach –


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