Maisen, Greenbelt

Maisen is a famous tonkatsu restaurant in Tokyo, Japan.

On August 8, they opened a branch here in Makati, Philippines and gave joy to many people who love good food! 🙂


The specialty of the restaurant is their Tonkatsu, which is a Japanese food consisting of a breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet, served with white rice and a delicious sauce.


For vegetarians* and Muslims, Maisen serves seafood tonkatsu, vegetable tonkatsu (which was very good!) and chicken tonkatsu.

Tried this restaurant on a weekday for dinner, together with my parents and some siblings. We were very excited to try the dishes. All the reviews online were good.


We agreed to try Maisen on a Thursday night, and my family only waited 30 minutes before getting a table.

Below is the pork katsu set- the order of my mom, as well as my sister. They both enjoyed it very much. The set comes with unlimited/re-fillable salad, fruits, rice and miso soup.


There is sesame salad dressing for the salad, and 2 types of tonkatsu sauce that you can pick from. The salad was shredded cabbage, perfect with the yummy sesame dressing. Those who don’t normally eat salad will love the salad!

My dad ordered the vegetable tonkatsu (I wish I ordered this as well. It was so good!)

I wasn’t able to take an actual picture, but below is the picture from the menu.

[* for vegetarians who still eat eggs]
Consisting of pumpkin, eggplant, zucchini, potato and tofu tonkatsu, served with unlimited rice, salad and fruits, the set was good enough to fill a hungry tummy.

I’ve tried a number of vegetarian dishes already, and I can say that this is my favorite vegetarian dish! It is soo good!

The texture of the vegetable tonkatsu was crispy, light and fried perfectly. It was not greasy. The vegetables were fresh and delicious especially when paired with the tonkatsu sauce. The Japanese white rice was the perfect partner to a perfectly cooked tonkatsu. I’m sharing this from a perspective of one who tried a few pieces from my dad’s order (tofu tonkatsu and pumpkin tonkatsu).

My order was actually the vegetable curry, which was not the best choice, since the serving was small, and the actual curry sauce was not good/so-so.

Since I was craving for curry that day, and was running late from work, I texted my sister to order vegetable curry for me, not knowing that the portion was small.



The saving grace of Maisen would be their house specialty (the katsu sets) which was very delicious, and filling.

Other dishes offered by Maisen –




Maisen also serves katsudon, sandwich sets, japanese fried chicken/ Chicken Karaage Set, and ice cream for dessert.

My other sister ordered the seafood katsu and shared that it was good as well.

Good food, nice ambiance, great customer-service, and value for money for the tonkatsu sets. We will definitely go back! 🙂


delicious tonkatsu, great service, nice ambiance

Maisen Greenbelt 5
G/F Greenbelt 5, Makati
[located beside Lorenzo’s Way, and near Pink Berry]

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