Mom and Tina’s Bakery Cafe

Last Sunday, Lars and I ate at this bakery/cafe located at Regis Center, Katipunan Quezon City called “Mom & Tina’s Bakery Cafe”.

I’ve previously tried their other branch before in Makati, but only for the dessert (mango tart). This time I wanted to try their food.


As you can see the atmosphere and interior of this cafe is very homey and comfortable. Not quite romantic for the first few dates, but great for get-togethers, family lunch/dinner, and casual business meetings.

Lars and I were quite hungry after our morning walk around UP Diliman Campus. We went here around 10am, and decided to load-up on carbs by ordering pasta and tuna sandwich (his order).

Sun-dried Tomato Pesto P195
Tuna sandwich P170

The Sun-dried Tomato Pesto pasta was just okay.  On the good points, it tasted like it was freshly made, not just pre-cooked and microwaved. Also, the noodles of the fettuccine was cooked al-dente, so at least it did not disappoint for being over-cooked.

However the pasta lacked flavor and I can barely taste the sun-dried tomatoes. Maybe I’m just used to pastas with stronger flavor of tomato, olive oil and garlic, but this one did not make it to my favorites. It didn’t taste bad, but it lacked the “wow” factor.

For the tuna sandwich it was filling and quite good. It can be a bit salty on some areas of the sandwich, other than that, I like it because of the home-made taste and because there was a lot of tuna bits in the spread (not just full of mayo). I’d say that this is one of the better tasting tuna sandwiches out there, not just recommended for those who are watching their sodium intake.

For the desserts, there’s a lot of options to choose from:






We tried the “banana cupcake” after our brunch. I liked the banana muffin (below the icing) itself because it was not too sweet, and it had the subtle flavor of banana, without the “commercial” or “artificial” taste in it. I can eat the muffin plain and enjoy every bite, without feeling guilty of eating too much sugar. [On top of the banana muffin was a sweet white icing, similar to children’s cakes.] The icing on top was alright.

Next time I will try the oatmeal cookies and the other dishes served here ^ ^  I recommend this place for girls/ladies catching up, casual business meetings, and some dates. I believe there is a dish (and dessert) for everyone, though the price can be a bit pricey for the quality.  What we ordered was not that expensive, but other meals/dishes here will be around 300-600 Php per person. The ambiance, food options, and home-cooked taste is what’s outstanding about this place. I’ll definitely go back for more desserts.

location: 2nd floor, Regis Center, Loyola Heights, Quezon City
[other branch in Legaspi Makati and Tomas Morato Q.C.]



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