Blissfull Belly

Lars and I have always biked passed a restaurant with an interesting name: “Blissful Belly”.

Last Saturday we decided to have lunch here for the first time 🙂


Blissful Belly is a Vegetarian restaurant located at the 2nd floor of Llanar Building, along Xavierville ave. Quezon City, opposite Lola Nena’s Pichi pichi, and near Ababu restaurant.

They serve home-cooked vegetarian dishes in a cafeteria style.


If you are familiar with Bodhi, the dishes here are quite similar in the sense that they also use vegemeat/gluten on some dishes, and they also cook popular Filipino dishes, but turn it “vegetarian”.

The options for yesterday’s lunch included kare-kare, vegetable curry,  vegetable stir-fry, sisig, steamed greens(pako), afritada, fish fillet, and bbq – all made of vegetables/vegemeat 🙂

One main dish will cost around 90 Php, but they also have a budget meal which consists of 2 viands/dishes and 1 cup brown rice.

We came here hungry and it was hard to choose just 2 options. We wanted to try all of them! I ended up choosing to try their sisig, and the vegetarian kare-kare


After tasting, I was not that enthusiastic with my choices.

The sisig was not a hit for me – It didn’t have the flavor that I was craving and missing so badly.  Back then (UPDATE: I stopped trying to be a vegetarian on Sept. 2016) when I still ate meat, I loved Sisig Horay‘s pork sisig, as well as the pork sisig from Gerry’s Grill. This one, was a far cry from those. Was it bad? no it wasn’t bad, and in fact I finished it 🙂 But it tasted really different; not even close to the “sisig” we are familiar with. It had a hint of ginger taste, so it was more like a kinilaw, than sisig.

The Kare-kare, was just alright. This tasted like a mild kare-kare, as the flavors were not full, almost bordering to bland. It was not sweet, and it was only slightly nutty. The “plus” of ordering their kare-kare, was the complimentary vegetarian bagoong which enhanced the kare-kare.

Lars ordered the fish fillet in tomato sauce, and the vegetable curry.



I got to taste the fish fillet and it was delicious! With a mildly-spiced tomato sauce, it was a refreshing and delicious viand. I could taste the refreshing herb cilantro/wansoy mixed in the sauce, which made the flavor interesting. If I were to order again, I would have ordered just this one, and 1 cup rice.

The vegetable curry was very mild, and quite bland. Like their sisig, it was not bad, but for people who are used to flavor and spice, this one lacked that ‘kick’ or spicyness/flavor.

In fairness to Blissful Belly, all their dishes are healthy since it is only made of vegetables, and for those who are watching their sodium/salt intake, definitely you are safe here since none of their dishes are salty. They are also budget-friendly, and the ambiance is very open and welcoming.

Will I go back here? Maybe. Some of their dishes might be as good as the fish fillet, which passed my palate. Or maybe I will go back for their fish fillet alone, and the greens. Over-all my rating of this place is 3 out of 5 stars 🙂


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