Zarks Burger

Sept. 29, 2018

I was stuck at work, and since my out will be late (8 pm!), I decided to order food via Honest Bee Philippines.

They currently have a promo of free delivery to a few restaurants, including Zark’s Burgers.

I tried this almost 2 years ago at Glorietta 4 Food choices, but was not impressed.

I decided to give it another shot thinking that I ordered the basic burger which probably was not good enough due to the lack of ‘extras’. So for today I ordered their bacon burger, called “American All-Star” for 149 PHP.

Unfortunately, I did not like it too. I would give it a 5/10.

BURGER PATTY – The burger tasted like a hybrid of fishball-burger, with that chewy texture that you would get from fishball/squid balls. It lacked that smokey/meaty/savoury flavor that I was looking for.

BACON – The bacon was not crunchy, and they only included 3 small pieces (see picture below). It tasted like a very thin slice of regular smoked ham.

OVER-ALL BURGER – It was dry, and just not up to standard. I would not order this again.



Ordered fries separately with ranch sauce, for 89 PHP.

It was just ok.

For better tasting burgers in Manila I would recommend Brothers Burger, Sweet Ecstasy or 8-cuts. 🙂

They are tastier, juicier, and has more of that beef-meaty taste.


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