Island spa, Makati

I’ve been wanting to visit a legit spa and get a full body massage.

So last night I was browsing online, and I found a discounted rate at Metrodeal for Island Spa- 1 hour massage for only 499 php.

Since it’s been a while when I’ve last visited a spa, I decided to try it out.

Located at Jupiter street Makati (near Jazz mall), Island spa is a place to unwind and de-stress, where you can have privacy.

Located at Jupiter Place building

They offer you your own private room whenever you avail their massage service.

You may also get a room for you and your partner to enjoy a massage together.

Here are some pictures of the ladies’ bathroom and changing room.

It is better to arrive around 1 hour before your scheduled appointment, so that you can use the shower and steam room without any rushing.

I was only able to shower, and I decided to have some ginger tea before my Swedish massage.

Not to miss, ginger tea 🙂

One thing that was missing inside the room was the aromatherapy.

Usually inside spas, I would smell essential oils such as lavender or peppermint. Here, there is only relaxing music inside the room.

When the therapist started her massage I felt like I made the right choice. She had her techniques, and she checked with me for the pressure.

At times it was a little too hard/strong, so I would request for her to have a lighter massage pressure and she would adjust accordingly.

What I didn’t like was that the room was not noise-proof.

The Bali room was just beside the tea area, so I could hear the chit-chat of the staff, and even the ding from the microwave after each heating.

If not for the good massage I would have walked outside to request all of them to keep quiet! 🙂

After the massage, more ginger tea 🙂

Here is their pricelist as of Oct. 2018

Over-all I would rate this spa a 3/5.

Decent enough for your de-stressing needs, but not as great as The Spa.

Maybe I will come back to try their foot massage and be blown away.

Island foot and body wellness Spa

2/F Jupiter Place, 136-138 Jupiter street, Makati

Open daily 12.30 pm-12.30 midnight

899-1234 / 0917-851-8296

Where are your go-to spas? Tell me about it on the comment section below. 🙂

I still love The Spa, but don’t mind going back here if it’s on discount 🙂

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