Kozi Kozi Korean Bbq restaurant

(Newly opened Korean bbq restaurant in Polaris street, Makati)

Just behind Makati Avenue at Polaris street, and near the small tricycle terminal,

Kozi kozi Premium Korean bbq restaurant opened last October 20.

Got curious in trying this new restaurant, since I walk pass here everyday from work.

The interior is clean, simple, and modern. They have tables good for big groups, couples, or solo diners.

I visited with my sister and parents for dinner (around 8:20 pm).

I guess it was a good timing. According to the waiter they are usually full, but since we came here on a holiday (Nov. 1), the restaurant was not crowded.

The staff assisted us the moment we stepped in the restaurant. They were very nice and attentive.

For our order, we got both the beef and pork.

Like authentic Korean restaurants, we were served complimentary appetizers, while waiting for the main dish/bbq.

(Nakakabusog siya!)

Here is the pork and beef order which a staff cooked for us.

(Beef bbq)

(Pork bbq)

I found them both delicious, but I enjoyed the beef more. 🙂

You can eat it plainly with the dipping sauce and rice,

Or you can eat it like a burito by wrapping the rice with pork/beef inside a lettuce, and adding some sliced roasted garlic to make it even more heavenly!

So good, especially while the meat is hot! 🤗

Our order was the basic pork/beef, so the meat itself was not very tasty, but when you combine it with the available dipping sauce and roasted garlic it is very delicious.

You can also order a marinated meat.

(+) positive points/pros

Delicious, Reasonanly priced, Nice place, Privacy/personal space from other customers, smokeless grill, Excellent customer-service, parking available in front of the restaurant, Accessible to office workers nearby in makati cbd, open until late at night (from 10am until 6am!)

(-) negative points/cons

Currently they only accept cash

For all the positive points, we will surely come back. 😉

I give this place a rating of 5/5 👍

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