Sambokojin Buffet

It’s my friend’s birthday today, and we decided to try a famous buffet in SM Megamall, called “Sambokojin”.

It was my first time trying this buffet.

To prepare for today’s lunch we didn’t eat any breakfast.

It was quite busy on a Wednesday afternoon, with a lot of other customers.

The interior of the restaurant is classy, similar to a business lounge at the airport.

Table where you can also grill your meats and seafood

And for the food selection… It was a good spread of salad, sashimi, sushi, makis, korean fried chicken, tempuras, roasted meat, soups, sukiyaki, takoyaki, different meats (pork/beef) and seafood (fish and shrimp) for grilling, and of course dessert! ❤🤤

Here are a couple of pictures from the wide selection. Enough choices, and almost all of them are delicious!

Tempura !!!!😍👍



Roasted meats

A row of different meats and seafood for grilling


For our first round we got miso soup and sushi/sashimi

Sashimi and sushi

Miso soup

Also good to sear one side of the sashimi (seared salmon)- tip do not overcook to retain some juicyness of the fish

Then for second round I had tempura and rice.

Still got some maki/sushi cause its really good!

3rd round (takaw mode/gluttony), we started grilling meat and seafood.

I love this thin slice of beef wrapping enoki mushrooms! Perfect with their yakitori sauce.

Grilling beef

If not overcooked, their shrimp is juicy and soft. Yum!!!

After grilling, and eating it with rice we started feeling full. But there’s still desserts! And lots of them.

We decided to focus on those that looked good and moist, as theres nothing worse than a dried up cake.

For the cake I really like this cherry red velvet looking cake

The icing had a bit of weird taste, but I really loved the cake and the white cream in between. Moist, sweet but not too sweet, and soft. Each bite has a hint of cherry and cupcake icing taste.

We also tried the other yummy desserts like blueberry pana cotta and the banana creme something

Both were good, esp the panna cotta. For the banana chocolate creme it was good to eat together with the cake. Its like eating banofee cake.

I wasn’t a fan of their matcha pastry.

Then for the ice cream we didn’t try it anymore because it seemed ordinary and we were so full already.

As a Japanese food lover I need to share how happy I am with their Japanese cuisine: Tempura was crispy with juicy shrimp, The sushi- delicious using real sushi rice (not rice that tastes like puto), The sashimi of tuna and salmon, was fresh and so good and juicy. Miso soup, warm and on-point with the umami taste. I regret trying this buffet only today!

Over-all, I’m so happy and delighted with Samboko-jin, and I highly recommend this branch in Sm megamall.

This is a good place to splurge a little, or celebrate your birthday.

Also, if it’s your birthday you get to dine for free, for as long as you are with 1 full-paying adult on your birthday, or 3 days before/after your birthday. A valid id showing your birthday is required.

We will be back next time!

Gochisosamadeshita! =)


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