Getaway in Canyon Cove, Batangas

Last week, my friend and I decided we needed to take a break away from the city, and have some vitamin sea. The beach was calling!

Not too far from Manila, Batangas was the perfect choice.

I wanted a place that had both a beach and a pool, with a clean room, comfy bed, access to aircon, hot/cold showers, and most important, easily accessible via public transportation.

After some research, we decided to go stay at Canyon Cove in Nasugbu, Batangas.

We checked-in on a Thursday, and it wasn’t too crowded yet. Perhaps on weekends it will be crowded.

It was more of a place for small families, as mostly they were with young children or infants.

For the room review, I am pleased with the size and comfort. It was huge enough to fit around 5-6 people, since there were actually 3 beds inside, even if I only requested for 2 double beds (The 3rd bed is color white by the window).

We booked via agoda and got the room with breakfast buffet for 2, for only 4,100 php per night.

The stay was comfortable, super comfortable, if not for shrieking and shouting kids by the beach (not really a zen place where you can chill all day and meditate with the waves).

If you are a mommy looking for a fun place for the family, then I highly recommend Canyon Cove for its safety, fun activities, close proximity to Metro Manila, and reasonably priced rooms. There was a lifeguard on duty, they had many water activities for a fee if you are the adventurous type, and there was even a huge inflatable play pen for kids where they can slide, jump, climb and explore (it was for about 550 php per person).

Also there is an outdoor grill where you can order grilled meat and seafood, and an indoor restaurant. The food was just okay, and you can expect a budget of 500 php- 800 php per meal for 2.

This is a pic of us chilling by the beach.

Until our next beach get-away!

How to go here via public transportation:

1. Go to the bus terminal in Buendia-LRT near Taft (DLTB Co. Bus Terminal)

2. Take the bus going to Nasugbu Batangas. It will cost around 170 php per person. It is a comfy ride of 2 seats per side with aircon. Travel duration: about 4 hours (you will pass by Tagaytay before Nasugbu Batangas).

3. Upon going down Nasugbu town proper, take a tricycle to Canyon Cove. It is only about 10 mins. Travel time and it is about 120-150php for the tricycle hire.

(Going home you can ask help from the frontdesk to get a ride to the bus terminal, and you can also do a stop-over in Tagaytay before heading back to Manila.)

What’s your favorite out of town resort/place? 🙂

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