Spice Cafe, City Garden Grand Hotel

(Located at 7th floor of City Garden Grand Hotel Makati)

For Sunday lunch, my friend and I decided to try “Spice Cafe” of City Garden Grand Hotel (along Makati avenue, opposite IM Hotel, and across North park chinese restaurant.)

This is also where the daily breakfast buffet is held for the guests who are checked-in.

If you are the type who loves eating American, Japanese and Italian cuisine, you will appreciate their wide array of options.

There are also Filipino and Indonesian food options, like Kare-kare, Nasi Lemak, and All-Day Breakfast (American and Filipino).

I love Japanese food, so down below I took a picture of their menu.

Lots of options such as makis, sashimis, donburis, tempuras, and yakisobas.

Happy with my Japanese food. πŸ€—πŸ½

Lars on the other hand, is an Italian food addict so he decided to go for his pizza and pasta combo.

(Must-try guys!!! Grilled vegetable pizza)
(Seafood pasta was just ok for me. I found it too sweet and pasta was almost overcooked. Lars loved it.)

The real winner here is his order of the grilled vegetable pizza, which was a delightful revelation.

(Freshly made with quality ingredients)

Not even my annoying gluten sensitivity would stop me from eating this pizza.

It’s a thin-crust pizza, with mozzarella cheese, mixed slices of vegetables, button mushrooms, and olives, and an herbed pizza crust to die-for(with rosemary herbs)! I loved the melted mozarella cheese, along with the grilled veggies, and yummy pizza crust.

It was the kind of pizza that tasted like an elevated home-made pizza, infused with love, na walang tapon. I’m the type who doesnt eat the edges of pizza, but this was definitely an exception.

It reminded me of the focaccia bread that I used to buy in high school at OBMC school cafe (La Dolce Fontana). On every bite, you could taste that savoury flavor of rosemary herbs, with a certain crunch yet at the same time, it’s not hard as a rock.

For only 320php for the grilled vegetable pizza, it was such a steal!

For dessert, we decided to try something refreshing for summer. This is their mango graham float for only 120 php.

It is made with yellow sweet mangoes of the Philippines. If you are a foreigner or a balikbayan, this is a must-try! Masarap na hindi sobrang tamis! Delicious tropical treat right here!

It tastes a little like mango panacotta but the consistency is somewhere between a fruitshake and an ice cream, layered with real mango bits, cream, and crushed graham.

It was the treat of my food buddy Lars, and I must say, this is a great place for food trips, highschool reunions, dates, business meetings, and private get-togethers where you can really talk, and enjoy good food with a nice view.

The ambiance was great, no noisy diners, clean interiors, and more than enough food options for any picky eater.

I will definitely go back for the pizza and the desserts!

I forgot to mention that they have promising dessert options like Creme brulee, Apple pie, Tiramisu cake, and Cheesecake 😍.

Over-all I rate this place 4/5.

Don’t expect all the dishes to be 100% authentic, but there are real gem dishes in Spice Cafe. πŸ‘ŒπŸ™‚πŸ€€

What’s your favorite place to satisfy your food cravings?

Thanks for dropping by! Have a good day.

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