The Spa experience 2019

My friend and I decided to pamper ourselves at one of the best spas in Manila, named “The Spa“.

Relaxing with honey ginger tea after our massage.

They have 2 branches in Makati city, which is in Greenbelt 1 and in Powerplant mall, Rockwell.

They also have other branches in Alabang, BGC Fort Bonifacio, Quezon city, and in Mandaluyong.

Having been consistently one of the best spas in Manila, we decided to have our massage and bonding here.

Relaxing warm ambiance
Female locker room

Steam room
Female showers

The female and male spas are separated for privacy, and more comfort.

Upon arrival inside the spa, you will have your individual locker, and inside is a pair of slippers, a towel, a bathrobe, and you may also ask the staff for disposable underwear.

My friend and I arrived earlier than our massage appointment so that we can take our time in the steam room, take a shower, and have some tea before our massage.

The steam was so relaxing! It was the kind of sweat that you would actually want. We were catching up inside the steam room while the steam made us sweat effortlessly. It was probably around 34 degrees Celsius inside.

We took 1 break after about 10 mins. to drink water outside, and went back to the steam room for another session this time around 15 mins.

Then we took a shower to freshen up, and doned our individual robes.

Pamper time!
Drinking warm honey ginger tea after a cool shower

We both opted for the 1-hour Swedish massage inside the common or shared room for females.

As of May 2019, the nett rate for the 1-hour Swedish massage is Php 1,012 or roughly 20 usd.

Over here it is a little pricey for typical office girls like us to go here every week, so we usually just pamper ourselves here every quarter or maybe 3 times a year.

But I must say that their massages are worth it!

Their staff of polite, and professionally trained massage therapists will make you want to come back over and over again.

What I like the most is how each one of them checks with you if the pressure is fine, and how each of them carefully but firmly remove all your muscle knots and muscle aches with skill.

The soothing zen music, dim lights, comfortable massage beds, and crisp clean linens add up to the total relaxation.

I almost fell asleep during my massage!

More tea after massage! I love their tea 🙂

This is definitely an effective way to de-stress and pamper yourself.

The Spa also offers couples room, pampering packages for those who would want a combination of services, and I heard in BGC you can even have a mini villa to yourself with a bathtub! What a treat! Something I will try someday too.

If in doubt for gifts for your mom, your wife, your tita/auntie, your girlfriend or best friend, give her a gift certificate from The Spa! It will surely be apreciated.

What are your favorite spas in your country/city?

I must say, mine is The Spa! =)

I rate this 5/5!

For more information, or for reservations, you may check them out at this website.

[This is not a sponsored post.]

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